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Thomas Schmutz studied History, Political Science and German Literature at the University of Zurich and Paris Diderot 7. He is a PhD candidate at the Center for the History of Violence in Newcastle, Australia, and at the University of Zurich. He is interested in transnational, diplomatic and military history, genocide studies and discourses on otherness. His doctoral thesis concentrates on the Western diplomacy in Asia before and during the First World War with regard to violence, intervention and reform. The research highlights entanglements between Europe and Asia by focusing on the relationship between Western diplomacy and Asian Christians. This approach challenges Eurocentric views on the global war and the time of high imperialism from a diplomatic perspective. Schmutz has published some of his findings on the Armenian Reform Question with Hans-Lukas Kieser and Mehmet Polatel in a co-authored article titled Reform or cataclysm? The agreement of 8 February 1914, (Journal of Genocide Research, 17/3 (2015).

Gwendal Piégais is a PhD candidate in contemporary history at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (University of Western Brittany) in Brest. He writes a doctoral thesis about “The Russian Expeditionary Force in France and the Balkans during the Great War”. His first research led him to the military history of Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries and to the history of intelligence services during the First World War, before turning to the history of Central Empires. He published « Le déserteur, source de renseignements du Secret Service – Les interrogatoires du Réseau Hunter aux Pays-Bas de 1916 à 1918 [The Deserter, a source of information for the Secret Service – Interrogations of the Hunter Network in the Netherlands from 1916 to 1918]′′ in Cahiers d’études du renseignement, Maklu, Anvers, no 7, 2017, and « Les motivations complexes des déserteurs polonais aux Pays-Bas, 1916-1918 [Complex motivations of Polish deserters in the Netherlands, 1916-1918]” in « Soldats d’entre-deux ». Les Identités nationales dans les témoignages des soldats des Empires centraux, Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, 2017.

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  • Dr. Adrian Hänni
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  • Linda Büchler
  • Aurelia Widmer
  • Stjepan Muza
  • Sara Müller
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  • Dominik Steiner
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  • Thierry Honegger

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